Alluring melancholy


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The main hall at Stormen Concert Hall will be filled with a melancholic and reflective atmosphere this evening. The audience and the musicians alike will be on the stage, the lighting will be unique and our Concert master Oganes Girunyan will be soloist in an emotional requiem by Alban Berg.

A unique and evocative programme will be performed this evening. The main work by Alban Berg was written as requiem for Alma Mahler’s daughter, Manon, who died of polio aged 18 – but became a requiem for himself.

Just after completing the work, Berg died of blood poisoning after being stung by an insect at the forest house where he worked. As a result, he never heard the work played on stage.

Berg was an extremely welcome and faithful guest at Alma Mahler’s house, and he was apparently very captivated by her daughter, Manon. He dedicated the violin concerto To the memory of an Angel.

In the second movement of the work, Berg has included a quote from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Es ist genug, and before the orchestra and soloist Oganes Girunyan play Berg’s work, we will hear Es ist genug as a chorale by the brass players.

The programme also features Bach before the interval. Two movements from his famous Brandenburg Concertos will be performed along with his Ich ruf zu dir in a version for solo piano. Bach’s sacred tones frame award-winning British composer Sir Harrison Birtwistle and his composition Cortege from 2007 – a work that was also written as a kind of homage in the memory of the British cultural personality Michael Vyner.