Love, jealousy and death

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“Carmen will never surrender! Free she was born and free she will die!” cries the world’s most famous opera heroine to Don José at the end of this opera classic.

It’s her love of life and freedom that leads her to using all the means available to her – herself, her beauty and sensualism – to achieve as much freedom as possible. Even though, of course, she can never be completely free, other than in death. The era in which she lives does not allow it, and probably none of us ever get to experience complete freedom, at least not within the framework that society gives us. So, the answer today, as then, might be to live on side with society, take every day as it comes, and not look too far into the future ...

Such a life will always have its price, and Carmen pays for it with her life.

It’s a great pleasure for us at the Arctic Philharmonic to welcome you to the classic opera Carmen – and it’s no coincidence that we have chosen to present Bizet’s masterpiece now. After all, Carmen was the very first opera we performed after the Arctic Opera’s establishment. Last time we presented a concert version and now, to mark our 10th anniversary, it feels right to present the full stage version of Carmen. More than 120 people will be on the stage and in the orchestra pit. We have taken giant strides during these 10 years, as this edition of Carmen will show to the fullest.

Carmen is set in Seville in Spain in the 1820s. We meet the beautiful gypsy woman Carmen who seduces men with her challenging manner. The Corporal Don José and the bullfighter Escamillo both fall for her - and their jealousy has fatal consequences for Carmen.

Our production offers everything you expect from the classic Carmen: great costumes, wonderful music, a powerful and world-famous story, 70 people on stage, a full orchestra and beautiful choirs with a mix of adults and children, amateurs and professionals. Not to mention dancers from the Municipal School of Music and Performing Arts in Tromsø and Pias Balletstudio in Bodø.

The children’s choir in Tromsø features singers from the Ishavsguttene boys’ choir and the Municipal School of Music and Performing Arts, while the choir in Bodø features singers from the Bodø Cathedral’s School of Singing.